Super Jennie Menstrual Cup Reviews - What the Web is Saying About It

If you are looking for reviews of the Super Jennie menstrual cup, look no further! We have compiled a list of helpful online reviews from all over the world.

Super Jennie Menstrual Cup

So I bought the SuperJennie cup earlier this month and was able to try it out right away.

My goldilocks cup is the large Fleur. I was a bit skeptical about how the SuperJennie could work better. At first I found it a little harder to open. It took some fiddling, but I got used to it. I use the punch down fold and coudn't punch it down all the way because it wouldn't pop open as easily as the Fleur. By the end of my cycle it was as easy to insert as the Fleur.

For the first time in a long time I had an accident-free month. No overflows. I think this could be a combination of two things. One, I was being paranoid and emptying it any time I felt the slightest bubbling, and that was usually at 7.5mL.  Two, my cycle alternates between angry river and silent flood. I was on angry river this month (cramps, but lighter flow). I only completely filled the cup once, (overnight) and I wasn't able to see how full it was because I was sleepy, wasn't used to the cup, and dumped half of it in the toilet trying to remove the cup. Removal got easier too. I'm curious to see if I can wear it overnight without leaks on a silent flood month. With the Fleur I usualy have 1 or 2 nights that I have to get up and change it in the middle of the night.

The cup measures approximately 37mL to the holes and 41 to the top. Although I don't need the stem I might just leave it because it didn't bother me at all. - kathlyne

I got my Super Jennie in the mail today and here is my review.

The first thing I noticed is that the Super Jennie was a lot smaller than I thought it was going to be. The SJ is a very soft cup. For me it is just on the verge of being too soft, but not quite. I am one of these people who has to let the cup open and then push it up. Even though the cup is really soft, this method still works with this cup. Once the cup is in, it is like you are not wearing a cup at all. I know you can’t feel most cups but with this cup, it is as if it is totally non-existent. Even when you squeeze with your muscles, you cannot feel it whatsoever. It’s great that you can’t feel it there but I am curious to see if when I have my period that I am over-anxious because it feels like nothing is there. Sometimes just feeling I am wearing one gives me security knowing I am not bleeding all over the place.

I did a capacity test with the SJ. It turns out that the SJ holds the exact same amount as the large Yuuki. This means it holds more than the Meluna XL but less than the Luv Ur Body.

The stem on this cup is really thin. I like it in the fact that it looks like it is part of the cup, not a stem that has been added to the cup. When I removed the cup, it was quite easy to get out. I can’t really talk about a “seal” with the cup because I never really experience much of a seal with most cups aside from the Meluna XL Sport. I was worried that the stem would come off like the one on my large Yuuki did but I think it is going to be fine since getting the cup out was easy.

I am not good with getting a cup to pop open while inside but I tried folding it in a C-fold for my review. The cup is pretty springy and wanted to open up on my hand while holding it. If my hands were slippery or wet, I don’t think I could have held onto it.

I can’t write about whether or not I experienced any leaks since I am not having my period right now. We’ll see how it works when that time comes! - bluemoon79 

Amazon Review

Okay, my period is due any day now, so the SECOND my cup was dropped into my mailbox, I rushed out to grab it, wash it, and try it on.

I'll be honest. I like a firm cup. When I say firm, I mean FIRM! This cup isn't even close to what I would consider to be firm, or even what I would consider to be medium softness. It is soft like a Jello jiggler! That worried me. I thought for sure I wouldn't be able to get it open, and even if I did, I would have to spend a lot of time coaxing it open. Nope! I was able to use the punch-down fold, and get the cup open and in position in 60 seconds or less! You don't know how much this means to me. My biggest problem with any cup, is being able to get it open quickly and easily. I thought it was maybe a fluke, so I pulled it out, rinsed it off, and tried again. Easy as the first try.

This cup also holds a LOT. I'm not worried about capacity or leaks as I'm pretty experienced with using a cup, and can troubleshoot those problems, should they arise. So, this little gem will be great for my heaviest flow days!

On to the stem. I actually couldn't feel it. This was a surprise to me because I ALWAYS feel the stem, at least at first. Not on this cup! Again, I thought it was too good to be true, so I stood up and wriggled around. I sat down as fast as I could on the hardest surface I could find. I did toe-touches. I bounced around on my bed like a kid at bedtime. I twerked. I scrunched myself into a ball. I did lunges. I did everything I could think of to try to make the cup shift uncomfortably, or make the stem feel awkward. Nothing worked! The cup stayed completely in place! So, I tried the ultimate test. I had a bowel movement. If you can do that whilst wearing a cup, without having to reposition it, you know you've got a good thing!

In short, I do not understand how they could make a cup so small that can hold so much, a cup that is so soft, yet can open so easily and not slip, and how they can keep the price so low, while making it attractive, with everything from the holes to the seams being nicely finished. I suspect there might be some sorcery involved. Either way, thank you Super Jennie for coming to the rescue! Five stars all around! - Jennifer Lewis

After having used other branded menstrual cups for four years I recently bought both the large and small Super Jennie cups. I LOVE THEM!!!! Super Jennie large has such capacity that I can easily wear my cup without any concern, even overnight! I have no leaks, don't experience any cramping, and find the Super Jennie brand cups to be the BEST I've ever seen. So much so that I bought one for each of my siblings! Super Jennie makes my period not just manageable but actually semi enjoyable! I cannot recommend Super Jennie enough - truly 10/10 all around, plus the have exceptional customer service. All round this company has me as a customer for life! Thank you Super Jennie! You really do come to the rescue and exceeded my high expectations in every aspect <3 - Liz

 Decided on the Super Jennie cup? Get it here!



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The Most Comfortable Period Ever

6 Reasons why reusable menstrual products are here to suck it up with us  

The COVID-19 period is likely to be one of the most difficult times we have had to go through, both individually, and as a global community. Never in recent times have we felt this restricted in things we could do or places we could go. But despite these challenges, life still goes on and there's no escaping from monthly periods. They may sometimes be difficult to bear (consider checking with a doctor if it's severe), but is a normal processes women go through, and there should be no stigma or embarrassment associated with it. But what happens when you run out of disposable pads and tampons only to realise that the shelves in the supermarket have all been swiped clean?

"Every time my period comes, I rejoice in the fact that my body is functioning correctly."

Free bleeding may be empowering but it's not quite a modern option if we want to get things done at home. Thankfully really clever people have engineered reusable materials that help us remain out and about with our busy lives during this time of the month. There are period cups, period underwear and reusable pads that exist, but have you heard about them before?

I've previously been skeptical about them myself, and with the hustle and bustle of life, I found myself reluctant to make the change, but when I read this post from The Period Co I figured it was time to give it a try. I've been a pad user all my life, and tampons never worked for me, so I naturally picked out period underwear and cloth pads over period cups. (Maybe I'll try cups in the future, but I'm pretty happy with the other options I already have!) The transition was such a breeze for me, but having said that, I understand that no period is the same, and your requirements will be different from mine. I will not assume the switch would be as easy for me as it is for you, but I'll share my experience with you so you can make an informed decision about switching to reusables!

Wearing the Modibodi Period Underwear
"Periods are not too gross, too weird or too inappropriate to talk about."

Every period is different

I started out having my period at 15 and have flows that lasted 3-4 days each time. I am a light-moderate bleeder and have a regular but slightly longer cycle of 32-35 days. I used to have cramps more frequently when I was younger but now, with better diet discipline I would only have it on the first day and possibly the day before. Cold drinks are a big factor that would cause cramps and I would avoid it during the few days before and during the period. If I had cramps, they would last 30min - 1hr in the mornings and I would be fine for the rest of the day. I typically change 3 pads on the day of my heaviest flow (plus one more for the night).

So with that in mind, what I needed in a menstrual product was something that would be comfortable, yet sufficient for my flow rate. Period cups were not necessary in my case because most period underwear would be more than enough to manage my flow, on the heaviest day I would change it once during the day. However my advice is that if you have heavier flows that require more pad/tampon changes through the day, the cup may work better for you because not everyone can carry around extra period underwear for changing. Now that you know alot more about my cycle than my own doctor, it's time to get into telling you why I'm such a fan of period underwear!

Here are my top 6 reasons why I will be staying with period underwear and reusable pads from now on:

1. No more sticky sensation

Disposable pads contain plastic because they could engineer it to be absorbent yet lightweight. However in hot and humid conditions, it tends to generate a lot of sweat around the pubic area, causing it to feel sticky and uncomfortable. Reusables made of organic cotton or wool blends allow better ventilation reducing this uncomfortable sticky sensation especially when you already have to deal with the blood. The Modibodi Underwear in particular has a Patent pending Modifier Technology™ layer that allows the inner surface to moisture wick and feel dry despite absorbing all that fluid. This comfortable sensation is unrivaled with any other pad I've used in my life.

2. No more rash/itch associated with plastic contact

Disposable pads contain up to 90% plastic, with the average pad containing as much plastic as four carrier bags.

Even the absorbent core itself is frequently made of plastic because it could be engineered to be lightweight yet super absorbent. However because plastic is a petrochemical derivative, there are other chemicals such as bisphenol A (BPA) and phthalates which are problematic chemicals that can affect not only our skin (with allergies and contact dermatitis) but also affect our hormones and disrupt endocrine functions. Wearing pads in the past while i exercised also used to give me rashes due to the plastic friction against the skin, but this doesn't happen anymore with reusables!

3. No more toxins

Common tampons and pads contain bleached and non-organic cotton, rayon, wood pulp, or a combination of these materials. Bleached products tend to have a by-product called dioxin which is a toxic environmental pollutant that has multiple impacts on the immune system, reproductive organs and is also a carcinogen. Although the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) describes the risk of adverse effects from dioxins in tampons as “negligible", there is a potential cumulative effect of the toxin with multiple exposures especially in areas rich in blood vessels (ie. the inner vaginal wall). In addition to dioxin, non-organic cotton and rayon can also contain pesticides and herbicides including diuron, a suspected carcinogen. This is a risk I'm not comfortable to take so I'm back to unbleached, and as much as possible, organic materials!

4. No more leaks

The Modibodi underwear I've been using has liquid tight margins around the gusset which prevent the flow from going down the sides or along the back. This is so much better than pads which had plastic wings that were not absorbent and sometimes caused leaks that would stay on the sides.

The absorbent cores in these reusables are firmly fused and sewn to other parts of the underwear/pad and does not clump up like the materials in disposable ones, so the blood stays where it needs to, even through the night and while exercising. This gives me a peace of mind and also makes it an ease to wash!

5. Monetary savings in the long run

Reusables always have a higher upfront fee because they're designed to be made to last. But in the long run, even the most expensive reusable options may end up being cheaper than depending on reusables for your entire life. Here's a breakdown of the average costs done by


I'm pretty bad at crunching numbers but it's pretty clear to me that reusables are the much more wallet friendly option available, if you buy them and actually do use them! Personally, I'm happy to be paying slightly more as well if the reusable options are more comfortable and reassures me that there are no toxic chemicals or plastic bits directly in contact with my skin.

6. Contributing less to waste generation

With reusable menstrual products, I was delighted to find myself keeping away from binning anything at all! Pads and tampons are always wrapped up in so much plastic (for sanitary reasons) and cutting them out really helps to reduce your waste. Studies in the United States have shown that in a single menstruating lifetime (avg 40 years), women may use between 5,000 - 15,000 disposable menstrual products with a vast majority ending up in landfills as plastic waste. In Singapore, this ends up on our one and only Semakau Landfill after going through incineration. With our landfill running out of space, we're against the clock to reduce our waste.

If I've convinced you to read up more on reusable menstrual products, head over to The Period Co to do more research about the options you have here in Singapore! I hope these reusable options will be more widely available in the future so more women can make informed decisions on how to deal with their periods and most of all be introduced to other more comfortable and safer options for their bodies.

Do comment below if you've tried out any reusables and let me know what your favourite type is! Stay home and stay comfortable and stay safe during this period!

Reproduced with permission from Curiously Green.
Original article here:

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Hello Cup Reviews - What the Web is Saying About It

If you are looking for reviews of the Hello Cup, look no further! We have compiled a list of helpful online reviews from all over the world. The Hello Cup comes in 3 sizes - XS, S/M and L.
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Merula Menstrual Cup Reviews From Our Community

Here are 3 reviews of the Merula Cup by users in our Facebook community, replicated here for sharing purposes.

REVIEW MERULA XL AND MERULA : Hiii for reference cause I thought it would help, i have used the Merula and merula xl, I bought the xl because the merula capacity was still too small for me, I was still bleeding all over the place at night so I needed a pad which defeats the purpose.

The merula was far better than the cup I tried before it, I swear by the merula, as Long as its in there correctly it doesn’t leak unless it’s full, usually on my heaviest day I was still emptying it out about every 2-3 hours and of course at night was a bloody mess.

Soooo when the XL came out I was like woohoo. Be warned NOT THE SAME THING, the XL is really not as soft, not as comfortable, BUT IT GETS ME THROUGH THE NIGHT, I use it for 2-3 days and swap to my first love the normal merula for my other days.

The merula XL is really an extra large. Maybe because I’ve only had one run with it I’m too used to the normal size. But oh my god going out without the underlining panic that I might have filled my cup within 2 hrs is really nice, it can be up in there for minimum 5 hrs? (I’ll keep track next time) and even if I sleep through the night no problem 😭 that being said, it’s not very fun to put in and I can somewhat kinda feel it, unlike the smaller size which I feel nothing.

BUT I get through the night so merula for the win, merula XL is the answer for the heavy flow girls. 

 Finally managed to use the Merula XL on a heavy period day!

Capacity: It’s great! While I had to empty my Lunette small cup every 8hrs (it would start leaking), the Merula held up. After almost 24hrs it still hasn’t leaked. The cup was 3/4 full though, when I removed it during my shower just now.

Ease of insertion: Lol, not easy. I use the Punch down fold cos that’s what I’m used to. The cup is still pretty huge after folding. But I’m gonna stick with this fold cos it’s easier to get it to open up compared to any other fold for this cup. Still, the Merula doesn’t pop open easily cos of its shape.

Length of cup & stem: I have a high cervix even mid-cycle. Despite the length, the stem is buried all the way inside, for me. The rungs on the stem is useful tho! Much easier to tug on it slightly and to locate it during removal.

Suction: VERY Strong! If I tug at the stem, I can feel the strength of the suction! Which is quite worrying when I think about women who like to pull the stem to remove. Please don’t do that. It’s actually very bad for your pelvic floor muscles, according to my PF physio. Remember to break the seal the usual way, before walking the cup out slowly.

Ease of removal: If the large size makes it hard to insert, you can imagine how the removal process goes! I was trying not to spill the contents as I wanted to check the level of blood in it, so i didn’t wanna squeeze the cup too small during removal in case anything spilt out.

Verdict: Happy with it! Had a busy day teaching at the gym, and even trained squats and bench press today. Didn’t feel the cup at all. 🙂 9/10 would recommend to those with heavy period flow, but wouldn’t recommend to first time cup users due to its size. 

 just tried the merula cup (finally) after a few months of owning it. my period is just starting for this cycle so i thought i should finally give it a try.

used the punch down fold and tried to make the insertion part as small as possible and it was pretty easy! only thing is i don't really feel a pop like the lunette so i'm not 100% sure the cup opened fully (but i think it did)

due to the wider rim, my dangly and low cervix seems to be sitting completely inside the cup.

well i guess i'll know tomorrow if the cup fully opened 🙂

will also update again on the comfort level but right now i'm not sure if i'm feeling the cup like 5% or it could be due to the numerous tugging on the stem and adjustments i was making earlier 😂

UPDATE: No leaks! i guess it opened fully 😂 also comfortable as hell, was just being a bit paranoid last night lol

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Merula Menstrual Cup Reviews - What the Web is Saying About It

If you are looking for reviews of the Merula menstrual cup, look no further! We have compiled a list of helpful online reviews from all over the world. 

Merula Menstrual Cups | LiveLoveLuna

I know not all cups work for all women, but if you're a low cervix, heavy flow person or someone who's been let down by traditional shaped cups once too often, definitely give this a go. I'm so glad I went out on a limb for this one! Now, please excuse me whilst I go and buy this in every single colour :) 

- lch173


The instructions tell you to use the punch-down fold, which I did. I also decided to insert it with the fold facing my back, so that when it popped open, the rim would be aimed slightly down and hopefully under my cervix.

Bam. I got the easy, 5-second insertion that I get with traditional bell-shaped cups. It still doesn't open 100%, but it's not supposed to (reading the instructions for the win!). It did open much more though. It's also very comfortable. Strangely, despite how stiff it is, I still don't feel any pressure on my urethra.

...And it didn't leak at all.

I wore it for 12 straight hours on the first day of my period. I can count on one hand the number of times I've been able to do that with a cup in my entire life. Normally I can't go more than 5 (and with any other menstrual product, I've never been able to go more than 2 hours). Normally, that's just more than even larger cups can handle, especially since my extremely sneaky cervix seems to eventually find a way to get past them, or otherwise reduces their capacity by sitting directly inside them. At this point in my life, I have basically resigned myself to the possibility that leaks on the first day or two of my period might just be inevitable no matter what product I use. 

- lilin_unite 


- I have no problems with number 1 or 2. I feel no pressure on my bladder or experience the need to pee more often.
- The overall cup is quite firm (rim is firmer than the body). It completely squishes my small lunette. That said, I think the firmness and tendency to remain opened up is due to its spherical shape. When it is inside though, the walls of the lower body are actually soft and fold in easily. I feel like if your cervix was really low, to the point where the cup was pressed up against your pubic bone it would still be comfortable to use, since the cup bottom would just shape itself according to your body. On the other hand, if you have strong pelvic floor muscles I do think it would be pretty hard to squish this cup's rim.
- I like being able to hook my finger around the hoop and therefore prevent any risks of the cup falling in the toilet (it's happened before, unfortunately).
- Aside from some discomfort due to strong suction, I love how easily the cup can be cleaned because it doesn't have any air holes.
- Cup cannot be used without any hoops because the bottom is very slippery. However, with a single hoop on my cup that sits at the opening I feel absolutely no discomfort
- The high capacity (38ml) is very impressive for such a short cup. I was able to go the full 12 hours without changing it on my heaviest day, while with Lunette I tend to only go around 4-6 hours.
- I have had no leaking whatsoever! Not even residual leakage. I think the strong suction feature helps with this. I'm very happy about that since it means I can finally ditch liners completely!

Overall, if you have a low or dangly cervix I would recommend that you consider trying this cup out! I'm glad I decided to purchase it for my heavier days.

- disney330


Decided on the Merula cup? Get it here!

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